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Do's & Don'ts

  • Do dip your headlights when behind another vehicle is approaching 
  • Do drive slowly in rain fog 
  • Do give way to traffic on your right 
  • Do get the emission TEST done periodically  
  • Do maintain your vehicle in good condition 
  • Do allow space for vehicles for free left turn - do not block the left lane at junctions where free left is permitted 
  • Do slow down when taking a curve 
  •  Do not decorate your vehicle with garlands and buntings - they restrict your vision and divert attention of other drivers 
  • Do carry copies of your driving license and registration certificate at all times 
  • Do not use horn except to avert danger 
  • Do not use headlights on well-lit roads 
  • Do not use headlights on full beam on city roads 
  • Do not weave between traffic lanes 
  • Do not drive under influence of liquor 
  • Do not park in "no parking" areas